MUST - A National Education Campaign for Older Adults and Caregivers
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MUST for Seniors Program Materials & Tools

As part of the MUST for Seniors program, NCPIE has developed a series of materials, videos and tools to encourage older adults, caregivers and community organizations serving seniors to learn about medication safety.

For more information, click How to Use MUST for ideas.

  • Facts: Older Adults and Medicine Use

  • MUST for Seniors workshop — this turn-key program offers everything you need as an individual/caregiver, healthcare professional or health educator to host an informal discussion or workshop about medication safety with older adults in your community or home. This resource can also help organizations that serve older adults talk about the safe and appropriate use of medications.

    The materials include:

  • PowerPoint slides PowerPoint slides with voice-over (total runtime: 19 minutes) Speaker notes that provides background information

    Download PDF (PowerPoint slides)
    Download PDF (PowerPoint slides with voice-over)
    Download PDF (Speaker notes)

    MUST for Seniors booklet provides a summary of the information presented during workshop for easy reference at home.

    Download PDF

    MUST for Seniors worksheet/self-quiz allows participants to check their medication information awareness before participating in the program, or to fill it out during the workshop.

    Download PDF

    10 Steps for Success: Managing Your Medicines - includes tips for safe medicine use and can be displayed on the refrigerator or wherevermedications are stored as a reminder.

    Download PDF

  • Tips You Can Use: This section includes seven new articles and handouts such as: MUST Remember — 10 Tips to Help Remind You to Stay on Schedule, MUST Ask Questions: What You Need to Know and more.

    Additional materials also available:
  • Make Notes & Take Notes to Avoid Medication Errors allows you to jot down notes before, during and after medical visits to record information about your symptoms, diagnosis and ask questions about any medications prescribed.

    Download PDF

    Tips for Safe Storage & Disposal

    Download PDF

To order the MUST for Seniors booklet or CD-ROM with all of the presentation materials (if you are giving a MUST for Seniors workshop/presentation), please visit Educational Resources at

Help Spread the Word!

As with anything, if people don't know about these useful resources, they won't be used. Think about creative ways to promote a MUST for Seniors program in your community. NCPIE has also developed some materials Help Promote MUST in Your Community that can help.