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Be Medicine Smart > 10 Tips for Managing Your Medicines Safely
  1. Always read the medicine label.
  2. Choose a medicine that will treat only the symptoms you have.
  3. Know what to avoid while taking a medicine (other medicines; certain foods; alcohol).
  4. If you have questions about a medicine, ask a pharmacist or another healthcare professional before you buy it.
  5. Take the medicine exactly as directed on the label.
  6. Be cautious when taking more than one medicine at a time, and ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist about potential interactions.
  7. Donít combine prescription medicines and OTC medicines without talking to your healthcare professional first.
  8. Share with each healthcare professional you see an up-to-date list of the medicines you take including prescription, OTC, and dietary and herbal supplements.
  9. Do not share your medicines or take someone elseís medicines.
  10. Do not use medicines after the expiration date.

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